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Inspecting a House for Sale in Indianapolis: Five Points to Consider

Inspecting a House for Sale in Indianapolis: Five Points to Consider

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During your search for a house for sale in Indianapolis, your real estate agent is likely to refer a qualified house inspector who will conduct a home evaluation. While that may be convenient, it also pays to have basic knowledge of what areas to check. Consider these five points when inspecting a property.

HVAC System

Know when the air conditioning was installed and when it was last serviced. Determine if there is adequate hot or cold air circulating throughout the house. Ask the seller or previous owner regarding maintenance or inspection arrangements with the gas company and when the last inspection was done. Likewise, ask if the systems were upgraded accordingly.


Open the taps all at once and flush the toilet to detect signs of low water pressure. Look for water stains or deposits on the ceiling, floor, walls, beneath the sink, water heater, etc. You may also want to check for possible backup problems along the sewer line outside the house.  Tree branches or collapsed pipe may be preventing water from draining properly.

Incline slope

Back-filled soil in basements tends to settle over time, causing the ground to slope toward the house’s foundation where water flow is directed. This can result in damp crawlspaces and cracking, movement or further settlement of the foundation, and mold formation and rot on walls. If the slope is not that obvious, check for other signs such as uneven gaps at the top of the door when closed, out-of-level flooring, and windows that seem out of frame.


With older roofing materials, the possibility of water intrusion is much higher. This risk usually entails extensive repairs or replacements. During the home inspection, use a good pair of binoculars or a stable ladder to get a closer look at the roofing’s condition. Any signs of serious damage may mean that water has been leaking into the property.

Electric wiring

Do not be surprised to see extension cords and exposed electric wires in old homes. That said, outdated wiring systems should be corrected by a professional electrician in case you decide to purchase the house. Note that every room should have its own smoke detector and that every floor should be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. To shorten your to-do list, see if the seller can shoulder the upgrades.

Finding the perfect houses for sale in Indianapolis requires time and effort on your part. A reliable real estate agent, such as someone from the Tim O’Connor Team of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, can help you find the house that offers the best value for you money with greater ease.

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