For Buyers

One of the biggest hurdles to purchasing a home is the selection process itself. Even after you’ve settled on a specific area or neighborhood, it can be daunting to sort through all the potential properties. And, without professional advice and information on the local real estate industry, how can you be sure that the house you’ve finally settled on is being offered at the best possible price?
The Tim O’Connor Team of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services can help you choose the perfect house for sale in Indianapolis or Fishers, IN and make sure that you pay a reasonable price for it. Our online listing service makes it much easier for buyers to find some of the hottest properties on the local market, and even narrow down their selections. In addition to our listing service, we offer a full range of real estate services to help buyers own their own home without worries.


Our company believes in the judicious use of technology to help simplify the process of obtaining a home. To that end, we maintain a comprehensive online listing service that categorizes houses for sale in Indianapolis, Fishers, Hamilton and Marion counties, and other proximate areas in Indiana. Our listing service allows you to search for homes according to their location, property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot area, and even price range. Allow us to help you find a house that matches your specifications.

Real Estate Brokerage

As an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, The Tim O’Connor Team can help clients by acting as an intermediary between buyer and seller. We are completely devoted to our buyer-clients, and we will strive to help them acquire their desired house for the right price. Our team can handle the negotiation aspects of the transaction, as well as arranging the paperwork needed for the purchase. With over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry, we know how the market works, and we can dispense useful information to our clients so that they can make informed purchasing decisions.
The Tim O’Connor Team helps buyers find suitable homes for sale in areas such as Indianapolis, Carmel, and Fishers, IN. The realty group also aids sellers in securing guaranteed buyers for their houses. For more information about our services, you may visit our contact us page and fill out the provided form, or call us at 317-490-9051.